Work From Home Job Blast: TeleTech@Home

There are more and more work from home companies out there who provide services for larger name companies.  TeleTech@Home is one of those companies.  What sets this company apart from the others is their dedication to treating their employees well.  See, they believe that if they treat their employees well, then in return their employees will treat their customers well.

If you have customer service experience, a high speed internet connection, a corded telephone, and a quiet work area then you probably have what you need to start earning money from home.  TeleTech@Home provides you with training through their TeleTech University.  They also provide you with a corded headset and a WorkBooth CD that connects you to everything you need, including your supervisor. 

TeleTech@Home allows you to track your own performance on a daily basis through their Empower program.  Employees are rewarded through higher pay according to their performance.  TeleTech@Home is also eager to provide jobs to members of the military and their spouses, which I think is outstanding.  It must be difficult to hold a job down when you move every few years to a new location.  A work from home job like TeleTech@Home would allow you to stay with the same company for as long as you wish.

If you are interested in exploring an opportunity with TeleTech@Home, there are 8 steps to complete before you can be hired:

  1. Make sure that the position is right for you
  2. Complete a fifteen minute application with pre-screening questions
  3. Testing of your computer to make sure it will be sufficient for the job 
  4. Initial phone screen followed by online assessment tests
  5. Online group information session
  6. Phone interview (Make sure that there is NO background noise during this time!)
  7. Background check & PC Certification
  8. Hiring!
If at any time, you do not pass one of the eight steps above, you will be sent an email letting you know.

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