First Things First...Why Most Women Do Not Ever Work From Home

I have been inspired to create this blog by various acquaintances and friends who have been searching for ways to make money. They, like me, have a great need for extra income and very little extra time on their hands. Let's face it, finding legitimate ways to bring in money while running down a 16 month old, isn't as easy as one might think.

One question that has plagued me for quite some
time is why can't women have a successful career AND stay at home? Actually I do have some experience in this subject, although I wonder why other women have such a difficult time. I am slightly biased on the subject but women are incredible creations of God. I mean, we can direct our kids to clean their rooms while cleaning an unidentified stain out of the carpet while talking on our cell phones. Why is it that we can't take care of our children AND make money? We are amazing creatures whose talents are never ending. Actually I already have the answers to these questions. I KNOW what holds most of us back from succeeding in the work-from-home world. The answer is within ourselves. You have to BELIEVE that you are capable of making money from home.

You see most women have searched for a legitimate opportunity and once they run across several scams, they then BELIEVE that no true opportunities exist. What's more is they don't believe that they can actually do it. I can attest to the fact that it can be done because I have, indeed, done it. I continue to find ways of making legitimate money from home and continue to entertain new ideas for creating wealth from home. The opportunities are out there, all over the place actually and in this blog I'm going to share various opportunities that I find along with bits and pieces of information that will assist any mom in her quest to be a successful "Mompreneur".

I have, over the years, acquired pretty considerable knowledge about marketing, search engine optimization, website building, traffic generation and lot of other information that I will share on this blog. I'm also considering tackling a money making venture in a few weeks and blogging about every aspect of what I do and the results of my tactics. I think it will be a fun way to document my experiences and share with you the knowledge that I acquire first hand. I'm excited to begin this adventure and hope that you will follow along by subscribing to the blog. Meanwhile if there is any specific topic or question that you would like to see addressed on this blog, I encourage you to email me at Hope to see you around!