Work From Home Opportunity Without Selling A Thing

If I had a nickel for every time a mom asked me how they can earn money from home without selling products, I'd be laying on a beach right now, sipping some tropical frozen beverage with lots of those cute little umbrellas in it.  My main mission in creating this blog is to help to answer that question for lots and lots of moms.  I know the desperation of the mom who realizes that her maternity leave is just about to end and she is suddenly faced with the reality of having to hand over her precious baby to someone else to care for.  I know, because I've been there.  I made a decision to stay home and to never look back.  I decided that I would do whatever it took to make that happen and if there was indeed any possible way for me to make money from home, I was going to find it.  The number of scams out there made it a lot more difficult to find those legitimate opportunities.  Out of frustration I began to look inward rather than to others for help making my work from home plan a reality.

You see, I realized that I have skills and experience that are marketable and I bet a lot of you out there are the same way.  I had worked for 15 years in the hospitality industry in sales, accounting, customer service, reservations and management.  In my search for finding work from home opportunities, I ran across a website that lots of aspiring stay at home moms still do not know about.  The website I'm speaking of is
It's a wonderful tool you can use today to earn money from home with lots and lots of individuals and companies that need help now.  Here's how it works in a nutshell:  A company or an individual needs help with a project or even for a long term position and they sign up and create an account with Elance.  They post whatever jobs or positions that they have available on the site.  Individuals who have certain skill sets sign up with Elance and bid on those jobs and then they can be chosen by the original poster to complete the job that they posted. 

There are jobs out there for typists, appointment makers, virtual assistants, customer service representatives, writers, data entry, accountants, bookkeepers, and the list goes on and on and on.  All you have to do in order to be considered for these jobs is to create a profile and list your skills and experience.  You can then take skills tests to prove your abilities and thus making you even more an even more desirable candidate.  The more jobs that you complete successfully, the more desirable you are as well.

Sometimes companies will even invite you to bid on a project that they post based on your profile, so it's important to build as complete a profile as possible.  To get you started, you should check out this brief tutorial.