Successful Work From Home Mom Interview: Scarlet P. From

I am delighted to include an interview from Scarlet P. of  She is a very strong example of a stay at home mompreneur who thought outside of the box when it came to creating a work from home business of her own.  Her website promotes other businesses and websites and helps them create incoming traffic, improve search engine ranking, and to gain overall exposure through social media marketing.  Scarlet recognized a need in the online and business realms and created a work from home business that met those needs. 

Carla:  Tell us a little about yourself.
Scarlet:  I am a stay at home mother of two under 6.

Carla:  What is your MomsWearYourTees business all about?
Scarlet:  I do social media marketing for other websites.  It is all about helping businesses get their links out there to increase traffic to their site, create product buzz, and help improve search engine rank.
Carla:  What or who was the inspiration for  
Scarlet:  The inspriration was my need to find a way to make an income from home.

Carla:  How long have you been a work from home mom?
Scarlet:  About 5 years.  I started as an independent distributor for Young Living and I still do that but added Moms Wear Your Tees into the mix about 5 months ago.

Carla:  What did you do before you were a work from home mom?
Scarlet:  I was a store manager for companies such as Ann Taylor LOFT and EXPRESS.

Carla:  What influenced your decision to become a stay at home mompreneur?
Scarlet:  I always knew I wanted to stay at home with my children.  I knew that it was right for me and for them.  I love spending that time with them and I feel very fortunate to be able to do so.

Carla:  How long did it take to begin earning money from MomsWearYourTees?
Scarlet:  I did the first month for free.  I just promoted sites to get my name out there and my links out there and then I started charging in January.

Carla:  What has been your biggest obstacle with your business and how did you overcome it?
Scarlet:  My biggest obstacle is time.  I just make sure I don't waste any time and that I stay focused on PRODUCTIVE tasks.

Carla:  Were there any work from home ventures that you started that didn't work out? 
Scarlet:  No.

Carla:  What has been your biggest success or proudest achievement associated with your business?
Scarlet:  I am proud everyday!  I am proud when I get a new client and I am proud when I complete their promos.  I guess climbling rankings also makes me proud!   I do have down days occassionally where I might not have a booking and I feel like I should be doing more!  Then I just remind myself it takes one step at a time!

Carla:  Where and how do you promote your work from home business/website?
Scarlet:  I promote my site every place I can find.  The more links you get out the better!

Carla:  What resources do you recommend for women who want to start their own business or website?
Scarlet:  WAHM Designs does great website hosting and design very affordably.  Then use a search engine to find free directories and use social media to get more links back to your site.

Carla:  Is there anything that you would have done differently if given the chance?
Scarlet:  Yes, I changed hosting on my website and I didn't consider how that would affect my ranks.  Now I have to work my way back up!  
Carla:  What role has networking played with your website / business?
Scarlet:  Huge, if not for networking, I would not have traffic!

Carla:  Are you open to networking with other work from home moms or aspiring work from home moms?  If so, how can they contact you?
Scarlet:  I have a entrepreneur linky on my blog they are welcome to use.  I also have a contact for on my website.

Carla:  What words of advice or tips would you give to women who wants to start their own business or website?
Scarlet:  Go for it.  Make it work.  If you really work at it, you can accomplish it.

Carla:  What are your goals for the future of your website / business?
Scarlet:  My goal for my website is to have a client booked every day.  My goal for my blog is to keep increasing my readership. Along the way, I want to enjoy making new friends, and  trying and sharing new products with others.

Thank you so much, Scarlet, for allowing us to grill you a little on your website's success!