Work From Home Opportunity: Wildtree

Looking for a direct selling company that is young and fresh? I mean literally fresh. Wildtree might be just what you are looking for. Offering all-natural, preservative free, delicious food choices for people who want to eat healthy without compromising taste. The only thing they'll be giving up is their high grocery bill and all that time spent slaving in the kitchen. This company is still in it's infancy and is a great opportunity for any stay at home mom looking to build a serious business or just to bring in a little extra cash each month.

Here's what I like about this program:

Only $99 gets you started and includes $270 worth of products
Offers products that are all-natural and preservative free
People with food sensitivities can enjoy the products
Offers convenience, great tasting foods at a good price
Ongoing support
Opportunity for repeat customers (i.e. consumable product)

Here's what I'm not crazy about:

I won't go so far as to say that I don't like anything particular about the program, however, I question how easy it may be to sell the products unless you do a tasting. I'd love for someone who has experience in selling Wildtree to comment about the ease of selling the products online. I can see, however, that once you would get the potential customers to a tasting, how easily it would be to sell. I just wonder about website/online sales for new customers.

I'm not crazy about the fact that you have to pay $8.95/month for a personal website.  


All-natural, preservative free foods

Minimum Investment to get started: $99

What's Included?

$270 worth of products:
Assortment of best-selling full-sized products
Assortment of host samples for tastings
Personal website for $8.95/month additional
Ongoing support
Corporate Newsletter
Sales Receipts
Miscellaneous Business Materials

Compensations/Commission Structure:

20-40% commission on sales (based on activity level)
Additional commissions for coaching others

If you're interested in finding out more about the Wildtree business opportunity, you can contact Amy at You may also email her at or give her a call at 720-280-5881.