Work From Home Opportunity: Meltology

Here's a very unique work from home opportunity that is creating quite a stir. The company is called Meltology which stands for Mineral, Energy, Luxury and Technology. They have two very unique product lines, self heating spa treatments and a terrific skin care line like no other on the market. The word is that Estee Lauder offered the owner of Meltology millions of dollars to buy the skin care product line before the company launched and the offer was declined. Meltology's super serum has the exact same active enzyme that is found in one of Estee Lauder's $1,300 per ounce products while Meltology delivers even more of that enzyme in a product that sells for only $179.

The spa products are single use, sanitary and very unique. The heating is caused by oxidation of minerals that is activated with tap water, believe it or not. The heat is quick, long lasting and constant and it allows the pores of the skin to open up so that the moisturizers can go deeply into the skin, making fine lines disappear right before your eyes. These products have been talked about on shows like The Dr's and Rachel Ray.

Here's what I like about the program:

  • Only $14.98 to start and start up is immediate and can be done online
  • No purchasing products, no inventory
  • Three ways to earn income: direct sales, website sales, down line (but no requirement to build a downline)
  • Flexibility
  • Commissions paid directly to a debit card
  • No inventory
  • Website includes training materials, back office support, customer service support and more.
  • Ability to sell to businesses like salons, spas, or chiropractors
  • The company is green, packaging and single use products are biodegradable or recyclable and
  • are coated with a special enzyme that allows the products to begin to decompose in the landfill in 3 weeks.  Products are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Unique product line

Here's what I'm not crazy about:

  • Website for $9.98/month (Website is good but I'm not a fan of a monthly fee)
  • Can only do sales in the United States at this time


  • Self-heating single use at-home spa treatments for face, hands, feet and body (hot stone treatment)
  • Self-heating waxing kits for body and face
  • Skin care line

Minimum Investment to get started: $14.98

What's Included?
  • First month of website
  • Set up fee for direct deposit onto a debit card

Compensations/Commission Structure:
  • 50% commission on direct sales
  • 35% commission on website sales
  • 7% from downline (No requirement for downline) Downline is 6 deep and infinitely wide
  • A distributor with a downline that would like to receive commissions from their downline must purchase $99 worth of products per month, either for their own use or for selling purposes.  This is not a requirement to do direct sales or to be a distributor.

If you're interested in hearing more about the work from home opportunity with Meltology, please contact Angie at She would love to meet with anyone in the San Diego area too! You can contact her via email at: or by phone at 619-890-8906.