Working From Home Writing Articles

As some of you know, I have been a stay at home mom for over 8 years and still counting.  I did many different things to earn money from home over the years, some of which I have already shared on this blog and still others will be revealed in the future.  One of the most profitable things that I did was to build highly search engine optimized websites and became a publisher for Google Adsense.  I have personally built somewhere in the neighborhood of 100+ websites.  The websites were centered around highly profitable keywords which just means that I found out what subjects had a high number of searches on Google per month and payed well by advertisers on Google Adwords.  Let me see if I can simplify that a little bit more.  Owners of websites might want to advertise their sites to get more visitors to their websites.  One of the ways they would advertise is to buy advertisement through Google's Adwords program.  If you look in the upper right hand corner of this blog, you'll probably see two Google Ads.  Those are the ads that I'm speaking of, you've probably seen them a million times on the internet.  Every time someone clicks on those ads, the publisher (the website displaying the ads) gets paid.  Now, the amount per click varies depending on the demand for the advertising space and the number of publishers available to publish the ads.  It might be as little as one cent or maybe even as much as five or ten dollars, or perhaps more.

Now there's a lot more involved in making money from Google Adsense and I'll have to introduce that in many more blog posts.  The main reason that I'm bringing this up is to prove to you that I do have some experience in what I'm about to say.  Even if you don't know a thing about building websites or search engine optimization or keywords or Google Adsense, etc, you can make money by writing articles for the owners of websites who are trying to make money from Google, by selling products, or by other affiliate methods.

I can personally attest to the fact that there is a very high demand for writers of good quality articles or articles that are keyword rich (meaning written around a particular subject with the subject keyword sprinkled throughout the article).  Many webmasters (website owners), want to build sites but simply don't have the time or the desire to use their time to write articles.  They are willing to pay to have those articles written for them so that they can spend their time on other things.

The rate of pay per article will vary depending on the quality of the article, the number of words, and the webmaster himself.  Some, quite honestly are looking for quick, cheap articles, while others want higher quality, more in-depth articles.  On average, you might get paid somewhere between $5 and $25 per 500 word article.  How much you make depends on how fast and well you can write and how aggressive you are in finding webmasters to write for.  There is a high degree of flexibility, although you'll need to meet the webmaster's time requirements.  Start up costs are basically $0 and anyone with a moderate understanding of writing, typing, computers and the english language are more than qualified to do this kind of work.  Don't think that you must be a highly skilled author, that's not the case at all.  Writing articles online for a living does require some degree of self-discipline and I will be quite honest and say that this is not for everyone.  I only say this because writing article after article can become very mundane after a few days.  Honestly that's the most difficult part of writing articles, at least it was for me.  But, if you pace yourself and set daily writing goals, this is very doable for just about anyone.  The opportunity is out there, all you have to do is do something with it.

There are several different places you can go to find webmasters who want to pay to have articles written.  Some of the more reputable places are:

Many writers find the content for their articles simply by entering the keyword or phrase into a search engine, like Google, and locating articles on places like and rewriting them in their own words.  The more often that you write, the faster, and better you will become and thus, the more you will get paid.  You will need to make sure that your articles are not copied or plagiarized because many webmasters will check them against online content to make sure that you're not pulling a fast one on them.  If you do good work, you will make a good name for yourself and likely will get even more offers from other webmasters.  

Take a look at the videos of real people who have either supplemented or replaced their income by writing articles from home.