Where did the Kelowna Real Estate Buyers come from in December 2011?

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The results of OMREB's December 2011 Buyers Survey are in.  
A total of 103 respondents participated in this survey – representing 48.6% of the 212 OMREB sales representatives who acted as Buyers Agents and 38.7% of the 266 deals closed on behalf of Buyers in December. 


Property Type:
23.8% of purchases were by Move-Up Buyers
21.8% buying Revenue/Investment Property
19.8% by First Time Buyers
8.9% moving from Single Family Home to Strata Unit
7.9% Recreation Property Buyers
5.0% moving from Strata property to Single Family Home
3.0% moving into Retirement Home/Seniors Community
It is interesting to note that the number of revenue and investment property purchases improved significantly and rose to second on the list for December (from fourth) – pushing first-time buyers down to third place.   
Reported purchases of recreation properties saw a noticeable improvement as well.
Moving From:
68.9% from Within OMREB Board Area
12.6% from Alberta
8.6% from Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island
2.9% from Other Areas in BC
2.9% from Saskatchewan/Manitoba
2.9% from Outside Canada
1.0% from NWT/Yukon (third month reported)
0% from Eastern Canada/Maritimes

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